Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hawaii Moves To Ban Wild Performing Animals

Hawaii likely will become the first U.S. state to ban the use of elephants, bears and other exotic wild animals for entertainment purposes.

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">A bear performs on a bike in Ukraine's National Circus in 2013.</span>

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture board on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposed rules change that would define "dangerous wild animals" and prohibit the import of such animals "for exhibition or performance in public entertainment shows such as circuses, carnivals and state fairs." The rules make exceptions for commercial filming in television or movies and in government zoos.

Tyke, a 20-year-old female African circus elephant, escaped from the Neal Blaisdell Centerafter trampling a groomer and killing her trainer during a performance with Honolulu's Circus International on Aug. 20, 1994. She charged down Honolulu streets before being gunned down by police.

With Tuesday's preliminary approval, the issue heads to statewide public hearings. Agriculture department spokeswoman Janelle Saneishi told HuffPost in an email that the proposed rules must still be reviewed by the Hawaii Attorney General's office and approved by Hawaii Gov. David Ige.

Not surprisingly, the proposal is generating opposition from fair and circus advocates. As the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Tuesday, the Circus Fans Association submitted written testimony in which it characterized proponents of the measure as "animal rights extremists" who wrongly claim that the animals are mistreated.

Friday, November 6, 2015

4 Abusive Industries That Harm Horses

The way in which animals are exploited and used in today’s world is undeniably cruel.  Examples of ongoing abuse and neglect can be found in all forms – from the orcas held in captivity at SeaWorld to the countless creatures locked up in zoos to the thousands of farm animals suffering daily in factory farms.  Although there is a greater awareness among society, many of these cruel industries are still in full operation with no signs of ever ceasing.

When we view animals as money-making objects, we tend to ignore the fact that they are not exempt from suffering.  Horses are one of the most over-exploited animals on the planet. Here are five industries that are still harming horses.

The Brutality of Horse Racing in 60 Seconds Flat (VIDEO)

1. The Racing Industry

Horses bred into the world of racing are forced to endure unthinkable cruelties, all in the name of profit.They are considered to be mere commodities in a greed-driven industry.Training begins at a very young age, despite the fact that the animals is still growing.   It is not uncommon for horses to be drugged in order to enhance performance as well as mask pain from injuries.  They are prevented from exhibiting natural behaviors including socializing with other horses.

2. Carriage Horses

Go to any major city and you are likely to come across a horse-drawn carriage.
From the outside, it looks like a romantic way to explore the city.The horses are decorated with bows and ribbons, pulling a beautiful carriage behind them.It has grown over the years to a wide-spread industry, thriving on unassuming tourists. The reality is it is far from romantic for the horses involved.They suffer greatly every day.

3. Live Export of Horses

Another thriving industry that few are likely to be aware of is the live export of horses to Japan for meat.Horses either bred for this purpose or purchased by kill buyers at local auctions are confined to wooden crates with many other frightened horses.In the dead of night, they are placed in cargo holds of airlines departing from Calgary International Airport in Canada.

4. Horse Slaughter

Nearly 80,000 horses are inhumanely killed every year.The slaughter industry is a massive one with roots all over the world.Again, the purpose is to produce horse meat – considered to be a delicacy by many.