Saturday, December 29, 2012

These True Facts About Panther

Panthers are those animals that belong to the family of leopards, cats and loins. This is why panthers are also called the big cats. They are known for their lean body and fast speed. Panthers are also called jaguars. Panthers also do have different colors and classifications. Their colors and classifications are according to the areas where they are found. Most famous types of panthers are white and black panthers and both are very rare now days.

1. Types of panthers

The two main types of panthers are black and white panthers. Apart from these two types, there are other types of panthers as well. These are classified as the colors of panthers so other panthers are tawny or spotted panthers.

2. Name

Usually panthers are also called leopards or big cats. The name panther has been eliminated today but still the pure black leopards are called panthers.

3. Black panther

Black panthers are really beautiful but rare. They are usually found in the thick forests of united states, UK and Australia.

4. Ghost of forests

Panther is also called the 'ghost of forest' because of its quickness and stealthy walk. These are its features that help him catching target easily.

5. White panthers

White panthers are even rarer than the Black Panther. The total number of white panther in the whole world is just few hundreds. This is a sad fact that this species is disappearing very fast. White panthers are found in the region named 'chitraal' of Pakistan and some other northern areas of the same country.

6. Yellow panther

There is another type of panthers named as yellow panthers and it is really interesting fact that yellow mother panther can have both yellow and black cubs.

7. Life span

Life span of panthers is very short. The average life of a panther is twelve years but in captivity they can live up to 19 or 20 years.

8. Tree climbers

Panthers are the most capable and fast tree climbers in their whole group of animals. It is noticed that they have some really different and interesting tricks for tree climbing.

9. Strength

Panthers are so strong animals that they can lift heavy animals they killed with them on trees. They can also kill big animals like giraffe.

10. Territory

Panthers live in their own territory and do not allow any other panther to enter in their territory. By the age of 2, they are fully grown and able to hold their separate space.

Friday, December 21, 2012

How Much Do You Know About Bats

Bats are the only true mammals capable of flight. Their wings, which are the anatomical equivalent of a human hand, are made of a thin,hairless membrane that stretches between their long fingers.

Ordinarily, a mammal's life span is related to its size. A field mouse seldom lives beyond a year. A dog is old at 12. The common Little Brown Bat which is smaller than a mouse, can live to be 15 or more! A bat is a nocturnal creature. During the day it sleeps hanging upside down. While asleep, its body temperature drops so it saves energy.

Bats mate in the fall. Infant bats are born in June or July. Most bat species have only one offspring. After mating, males take up bachelor residence and the females roost together. Oftentimes, if you see many bats together in a church steeple or an old barn, you are seeing the females awaiting the birth of their young.

In the United States, there are 35 species of bats and all of them have a diet which consists solely of insects. Just one bat is capable of catching 500 or more mosquito-sized bugs within an hour! Bats do not catch insects in their mouth, but scoop them up in the membrane that stretches between their hind legs, cupping it like a pouch. Then, in full flight, they reach in and eat their catch. We know birds play a major role in controlling dayflying insects, but it is the bat that goes to work at night, consuming such pests as the mosquito, cornborer, cutworm moth and beetles. Imagine! Thirty bats can catch 30,000 bugs in a night. Only chemical pesticides kill more, but unfortunately, there are dangerous and sometimes lethal side effects to the environment.

Bats have highly developed radar and do not fly into people's hair. Nor are they blind. In fact, they have excellent vision. Bats use their vision, but primarily sonar or "echo location" to hunt their insect prey. The bat emits a high pitched sound that bounces off objects and comes back as echoes. This is how he detects insects and avoids obstacles. Scientists say that watt for watt a bat's sonar is a billion times more sensitive and efficient than any radar or sonar device ever invented by man. They continue to study bats to try and unravel their secrets to improve such things as military equipment and navigational aids for the blind.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ten Facts About So Beautiful Squirrels

Squirrels are mouse like small animals that are not ugly or filthy like rodents but are cute. There have been made many cartoons on them and movies too. This small animal is very fast in speed when it comes to eat. They lives on trees and they mostly make their houses inside the tree truck. Summer time is their gala time and they gather food for winter whole summer. There are some squirrel types that do not care for winter and come out in snow. Squirrels have a large and hairy tail which enhances their cute look. They use their hands for the carrying of food and stand on their feet but they run on their hands and feet both. Below are given some more facts about squirrels.

1. Brian

Though squirrels are small, but it does not mean they do not have brain or it works less. It does work good but it is only size of a walnut.

2. Meeting season

The meeting season for squirrels starts from the late winter. This is that time of year when they are most active. They start living in relationship at the age of 1 year.

3. Off springs

Majority of squirrels mate twice a year. And an average family of squirrels has 8 or less members because female squirrel gives birth to only 4 to 8 kids.

4. New born

The new born squirrels are at their time of birth without fur. They remain blind till they are 2 months old or some times more. They are called kittens.

5. Speed

You do not have to underestimate small cute squirrels. They can run faster then you. They maintain the speed of 20 miles per hour when they run.

6. Danger

Danger around, a squirrel is motionless. This is the natural characteristic of squirrels. They become motionless when they sense danger around them.

7. Tail

Its tail is not only beautiful and furry but also has a purpose. The reason squirrels have long furry tail is that it helps to maintain the balance of their body while they move. If the tail is cut, they will not be able to have balance in their movements and jumping.

8. 10 feet

A squirrel is a great jumper. It will survive even if it jumps from a 100 feet building. It is because their feet are padded so they do not get any injury.

9. Nights

Squirrels go back to their nests as soon as the day gets dusky. They do not leave their nests at night.

10. Chirps

They have a sound called chirp. It is distinctive and they communicate with each other in this sound.

Friday, December 7, 2012

How Important Is Professional Dog Training

Having a dog is a responsibility, and ensuring the Dog obtains good training is necessary. Most people make the error of thinking that dog training is easy and common sense. Some people spend many hours and thousands of dollars on their dog. But, they sometimes will neglect to give their dog correct training. They will unfortunately count on their misguided "common sense" methods. One can check out for more methods.

Almost each dog training ebook sold today will come with some form of money-back guarantee. These guarantees can vary from 30 days to even over 90 day money-back guarantees. If the dog training ebook that you are thinking about purchasing does not include some type of a guarantee, think carefully about buying that dog training ebook. If it doesn't have of some type of quality guarantee probably means that the creators of that dog training ebook do not have very much confidence in the quality of the material.

Many a dog training ebook will contain free bonus content. This extra dog training material can help with everything from care and health, to aggression training and others. Be sure to browse over all the bonus features that are included in your dog training ebook. To obtain the most value for your dollar, find an e-book that offers the most bonus features.

There are many different ways in which a dog training ebook can be sold. Some take the form of a.pdf file. PDF files are like online books. They can contain text or images and can be downloaded instantly, and they can be read on your computer, or printed out and read anywhere. Other dog training ebook, and some of the bonus material can be presented in video form. A video can help to make sure that you are going through all the motions of dog training correctly. You get the benefit of being able to watch precisely, step-by-step, each and every motion involved in training your dog.

Some dog training ebook can take the form of audio. Audio books can be convenient for someone that doesn't have much time to spend reading or watching a video. With an audio dog training ebook, it is possible to download the dog training ebook and listen to it on an iPod or in a car.It is necessary that any dog receives proper training. Dog training is one aspect that can not be neglected when owning a dog.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Advices On Wild Birds Food And Feeding

If you want to attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden, it is important to offer a good selection of wild bird food, but it is not necessary to spend lots of money on specialist seed mixes that you may not need! However, avoid prepared food that contains cheap fillers, such as whole oats which have little nutritional value, or seed that is high in cereals, as this will mainly attract pigeons. Here are some tips and advice on what best to feed wild birds.

If you have not fed the birds that visit your garden before, we would suggest you start with a few Fat Balls, Black Sunflower Seed or Sunflower Hearts and Peanuts which can be used in feeders, on bird tables or on the ground and in a variety of places in your garden. Include a few peaceful areas for timid wild birds and to encourage colourful songbirds into your garden.

Sunflower Hearts are basically a bird's equivalent to fast food, as the black outer shell has already been removed, and so leaving only the nutritious hearts. Unlike many prepared supermarket meals, these are a healthy option that is convenient for all wild bird species, as many smaller birds simply can't remove the tough outer shell of a sunflower.

By placing these foods around your garden you should attract a wide variety of bird species commonly found in the majority of gardens in the UK. As you gain confidence you can add some specialist seeds, such as Niger Seed and Hemp or even Dried Mealworms. This variety will increase and broaden your garden's appeal to a larger selection of bird species, including Woodpeckers, Buntings and Nuthatches.

It is recommended that if you feed whole peanuts to your garden visitors, it's important that they are fed from a wire mesh feeder. This is because smaller birds and fledglings can choke on the valuable food source.

Many of the premium wild bird food varieties use peanut granules instead of whole peanuts, as the bite-sized pieces are easy to digest and appeal to a larger variety of wild birds.

We suggest you place the food out at the beginning of each day to allow birds to replace the energy lost overnight and then top it up mid afternoon if necessary, to ensure your garden attracts as many birds as possible!

It is advisable to have multiple bird feeding sites within the garden to prevent overcrowding. Another good idea is to move wild bird feeders around regularly to prevent a build up of droppings. These can spread disease and bacteria. Finally, clean feeders at least once a month.