Thursday, November 15, 2012

How We Can Portect Wild Tigers

Recently, I have been really disturbed by the plight of the wild tiger, the largest of all cats, and one of the most threatened species on earth.

As a dog owner, I guess I am your run-of-the-mill animal lover and pet owner. Moreover, having grown up in South Africa, living on a farm and around game and nature reserves, animal conservation has always been an issue close to my heart. I hate to see an animal suffering or in need, and I cannot tolerate the endangerment of any animal species or habitats by irresponsible or destructive human behavior.

I started looking for a way to do something to help save these beautiful cats, and in the process I found some really great organizations doing amazing work for these animals. I hope that by sharing this information and supporting these organizations, I can do my small bit to help protect the majestic tiger.

Right now, we face the very real danger that we could lose the wild tiger. Their very survival is threatened by growing human populations, poaching (of both tigers and their prey species), illegal wildlife trade, and the loss of over 90% of their habitat.
A century ago there were 100,000 tigers roaming the forests, swamps, and tundra of Asia. Today, there are as few as 3,200 left in the wild, and only 7% of historic tiger habitat still contains tigers. At this rate, wild tigers will be extinct in just a few decades.

We can save wild tigers. And by saving tigers, we also save the biologically rich and diverse landscapes where they still roam – Asian last great rain forests, jungles and wild lands.

Anyone can help by supporting these organizations:

WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the world's leading conservation organization, has been helping to ensure the survival of wild animals all around the globe for over 50 years. You can support them by taking part in their Adopt a Tiger program.

Save Tigers Now, a global campaign by WWF and Leonardo DiCaprio, aims to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. You can donate to the campaign to help save tigers in the wild.

Save the Tiger Fund (STF) and Panthera have joined together in the fight to save tigers in the wild. You can contribute to the STF-Panthera Fund to help ensure that tigers will live on in the wild forever.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

There Is A List Of Popular Cat Breeds

The popular cat breed below gives you more insight about the best cat that you can have at home. The cat lover may need to concern about the type of cat breed suitable for their condition. Each cat has their characters and personality that you need to know in details. Even though a cat is not really popular in US, some people find it interesting to have a cat than a dog. What about you?

1.The Persian

The people who love to enjoy the fresh look of a cat may pick the Persian cat breed. This pet is perfect for the people who want to enjoy the loyalty and affection from an animal. However, you need to make sure that you can combine and maintain her long fur every single day.

2.The Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a nice cat for the people who want to have a big and larger cat to sit on your lap. This breed usually is weighting around 15-25 lbs. This gentle cat shares a similar quality with the Persian cat that you can see on its appearance. It also has a long hair but you do not need to groom it every day.

3.The Exotic

This popular cat breed is a bit similar with the Persian cat. The big difference lies on the fur. It only has short fur to maintain. The exotic breed is called as Persian in pajamas. The name is derived from the color of their fur. You just need to groom their fur twice a week for the maintenance.

4.The Ragdoll

The ragdoll cat is cute, funny, and cuddly to have at home even though this cat is large enough. The female breed can reach the weight of 20 lbs. If you have the male breed, it is larger in size. You need to keep this cat inside the house for it is too shy and docile.

5.The Birman

The people, who love to get a cat which resembles a dog, may pick Birman. This long silky haired cat has distinctive trait compared to the other cat. It is usually flexible, friendly, and tempered.