Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the world the most lovely animal

A three weeks of BaiMei monkey next to it teddy bear toys.

The most shy animals is of course this year only playing catch up and photographer of the giant panda cubs fan.

The wild animals: "forest ace" black belt ninja apes.

A hen is atrocious terrified of the eagle.

The fiercest animals cried aloud prize: the orangutans.

Dressed in Santa clothing penguins.

In Moscow street walking ape.

Will the walrus play a musical instrument.

In the air conditioning on board a group of monkeys.

Long a pair of warm little lion of the ear.

Like the bubble hot spring snow monkeys.

A group of wet bald eagle.

Shake off the water is the polar bear.

A head of Thailand little elephant.

A brazen-faced lemurs trying to make people think that the sound of a parrot is out of it.

Will their legs in the mouth of the Siberian little tiger.

Two naughty orangutan.

Greedy gorilla.

Is eat birthday cake of the two polar bears.

Ask for food of spider ape hand.

Think is a dog tiger cubs

Think oneself is a sheep elephant.

Paris zoo a crown lemurs.

Pack a blanket of fox.

A help to carry out the inspection in the task of chimps.

Called "white diamond" white crocodiles.

Two lovely panda.

Two eight weeks of MuErBao o.