Sunday, October 30, 2011

lovely six dog

  Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month is coming to a close, and there have been only six lucky dogs that were adopted this month. There are still a couple of days left so come down to the Pottawattamie County Animal Shelter at 18670 Applewood Road and help make this October a success for the shelter dogs in our area.
The shelter is still asking for donations to purchase Kuranda Dog Beds for the dogs. In addition to monetary donations, another option is to donate the bed online to the shelter via the Donate a Kuranda Bed Program. Just choose the Pottawattamie County Animal Shelter and it gets shipped directly to the shelter. One bed has already been donated, and the lucky pup to use it basically refuses to get off of it. He loves it! Kuranda Beds are orthepedic, chewproof, and easy to clean. These beds would be a true blessing for the dogs. Don’t forget these donations are all tax deductible.
Two new dogs came into the facility this past week: Josie, a young, female Shepherd Hound and her pal Zeb, a young male Blue Heeler who were found together as strays.
Josie is very timid and doesn’t quite know what to think about where she is now. Zeb seems to be able to bring her out of her shell with his playfulness, but he, too, is wondering where his family has gone. Right now they are coping with the unexpected changes in their lives together but they need a new place to call home and new people to call theirs. If you are interested in Josie or Zeb, please call (712) 366-0152.
Kenzie   There are six shelter veterans still up for adoption, Balto, Bowser, Heidi, Hope, Kenzie and Vinnie.
Why Balto has not been adopted yet is a mystery. He’s full of Husky playfulness and is gorgeous to boot! Balto sits in his kennel and waits for someone to make him the happiest guy around. Are you that person?
Bowser, the shelter’s ‘gentle giant’, also still waits for a forever home. He’s the kind of easy going guy that appreciates the lazy dog days of life. He loves everyone – is there someone out there who might unconditionnally love him, too?
Heidi is a spitfire of a Walker/Hound. She is ready for a family with kids, without kids, with other animals, without other animals... she’s not picky! All she longs for is love. And perhaps a fenced-in yard because her sense of adventure is sometimes quite strong. If you would like to meet Heidi, she is definitely ready to meet you.
Then there is Hope. Hope is a Spaniel mix with a quiet, dignified presence. She is not thrilled with her accommodations at the shelter and seems to beg the question, “Why am I here?” to every volunteer and staff member she sees. It’s difficult for a dog to go from the loving place they called home to lost and alone so quickly. Don’t you think it’s time for Hope to have some real hope again?
Kenzie is a female Boxer mix. She’s the class clown of the shelter. Beyond being funny and expressive, she is housebroken and great with children and cats. Kenzie doesn’t have much of a soft spot for other dogs, however. She’s begging you, “Please adopt me!”
Finally there is Vinnie. If Kenzie is the class clown then Vinnie is a shoo-in for Mr. Congeniality. While he’d much rather be in a home of his own, he makes do with what he’s got and he does it with a smile on his face! He’s a little self conscious about his cropped ears but you won’t hold a previous owner’s mistake against Vinnie, will you? Come down and just try not to fall in love with him.
Halloween is just around the corner. Some animals can be frightened by the costumes so keeping them secure either on a leash or in a crate is really best for their protection during trick or treating hours. Also, keep dogs out of the candy bowl. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can cause nerve damage and even death in dogs. Dispose of candy wrappers before your pets get to them, since the wrappers can cause choking or intestinal obstruction.
From Balto, Bowser, Heidi, Hope, Josie, Kenzie, Vinnie and Zeb, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Show us your pirate pugs and cat clowns!

Thumbnail image for Fantasy_Fest.JPG
  A Chihuahua dressed as a burro gazes at spectators during the Fantasy Fest Pet Masquerade at the Casa Marina in Key West, Fla. AP Photo by Rob O'Neal//Florida Keys News Bureau
Halloween is still a few days away but we're already seeing some strange creatures creeping about. A giant bee with hound legs, a bulldog bride, ferrets in camouflage fatigues and a cat dressed as red riding hood.
OK, not every pet likes dressing up or even seeing strange costumes on others. Some pets find Halloween simply scary. If you have a pet that's overwhelmed by the commotion of Halloween, we have some tips for you at the end of this post.
If your pet likes the hoopla, we've listed a few events here.
Remember to snap a photo of your pet in costume or even just chillin' next to a pumpkin, and send it to our Seattle Times Pets Flickr account by following the instructions below. We'll feature a selection in an upcoming post.
Some guidelines:
- Please put a short title of the photo in the email subject line. (Example: Halloween Kitty clown, Halloween Frankenweenie, Halloween pug pirate. You get the idea.)
-In the body of the email, please include a very brief caption and your name (and the photographer's name, if different) so that we may properly credit the photo.
- Please attach only one picture per email.
Submissions are unpaid. Please see our Terms of Service, particularly the section under "License," about "user published content."
Email your photo now to
Keep your pet safe
Seattle Animal Shelter and Seattle Humane Society remind animal owners and others that Halloween and the days around it can be frightening and even dangerous for pets. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet safe:
Take your pet indoors. Pets left outdoors around Halloween have been injured, teased, stolen and even killed by pranksters.
Only dress your pet if it likes costumes. The experience can be stressful, and even the sweetest pet can get snappy when upset. (A colorful bandana is an easy way to give your pet a festive look without causing stress.)
If your pet wears a costume, check for loose parts that may become tangled or get eaten. Also make sure your pet can move comfortably, hear and see clearly. Obstructed vision is another reason some pets nip or snarl.
Limit the time in the costume. Take a photo of the moment and then remove the costume so your pet can relax.
Watch out for dogs wagging tails and cats climbing around jack-o-lanterns or other decorations with candles. To prevent burns and fires, switch to battery-powered lights.
When visitors come knocking, keep your pet a way from the door. If you can't secure a dog in another room, keep a leash at hand. Having your dog on leash before you open the door will help keep it from bolting out or jumping visitors.
Party at your house? Set up a quiet room in advance for just your pets. Stack it with some toys, a pet bed and a few other favorite items. Having a radio or TV on in the room may also help keep your pet calm.
Beware of the people treats. Chocolate, gum and many of the other Halloween foods and wrappers can be hazardous to pets. See the Vet Q&A here for more details.
As a treat for you, here are link to a photo gallery of pets in costume and two stories about pet costumes:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The animals in the nature are lovely

  ZETA is lovely 4-month-old tiger tuxedo kitten. She is very lovable. She also has one eye, although she doesn’t seem to notice.
ROSE is a 3-year-old short haired tortie. She is very sweet and has been with other cats. She was surendered when her people moved and left her behind.
GIGI AND GLITZare 1-year-old gray and white sisters. They are short-haired and very cute. They’re a little shy at first but very sweet when they get acclimated.
REGINAis a lovely gray tiger. She is short-haired and a little shy but enjoys attention if people can be patient enough for her to get to know them. She likes other cats.
CALISTA is a short-haired calico. She is about 2 years old and very lovable.
NOEL is a 6-year-old short-haired calico. She is very sweet and likes other cats.
TYLEE AND TYLIN are 9-month-old siblings. He is a short-haired brown tiger and she is white with some gray. They would like to be placed together.
VIOLET is a 2-year-old shorthaired tortie. She came to the shelter with kittens and is a little shy but very sweet.
REGINALD is a 3-month-old black and white kitten. He came to the shelter with three siblings. He has a very sweet personality, although his siblings are a little shy.
CHIPPY is a longhaired, 11-year-old male. He was surrendered when his owner became ill.

  MIDNITE is a 3-year-old, shorthaired female. She is very petite and has Siamese-like features. She is a nice girl and is FIV positive.
JOEY AND JOSEPH are cute white and tiger-striped brothers. They are shorthaired about a year old. They are a little shy and would like to stay together in a relatively quiet home. They would be fine with other animals.
Baypath Humane Society

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lovely hedgehog

BabyHedgehog Hedgehogs can be sooo cute!
  We just happened to find this picture online today, two hedgehogs side by side in a human hand. So cute! One is still a baby, sporting newly grown spikes, while the other is larger (not as large as a hedgehog can get!). Hedgehogs are not aggressive, but rather passive and they suffer a lot when their spikes are growing. If you have a hedgehog pet, you should rub his skin with some vegetal oil (like sunflower or olive) to keep it most and soft while the spikes are appearing. He’ll appreciate it!

Hedgehog Bite Hedgehogs can be sooo cute!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Adoption lost animal

  BARSTOW • Dozens of dogs and cats seized from a Hinkley compound earlier this month will be available for adoption Friday at county animal shelters after their owners failed to claim them.
On Oct. 5, animal control officers seized more than 70 dogs and 30 cats from the Stovall residence in Hinkley on Highway 58 after issuing several notices that the animals needed better care.
Terrance Stovall, Chris Gardner and William Stovall were arrested in June after San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies said the dogs were chained and lacked food, water, and shelter. The Stovall family had been caring for the dozens of animals on their property on Highway 58 after their father died in 2010.
According to officials, the dogs were seized because the family was not providing proper care to the animals — in part because the family was being evicted from their home due to foreclosure.

  Animal control officials held the dogs and cats for a 14-day period to allow the owners to claim them, but according to Brian Cronin, chief of San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control, the Stovalls have not tried to claim any of their animals. The dogs will be up for adoption at five different county shelters on Friday — including Barstow Humane Society, Dog’s Day Inn in Apple Valley, Devore Animal Shelter, Palms N Paws Animal Shelter in Twentynine Palms, and Yucca Valley Animal Shelter.
Cronin said the animals were distributed to multiple shelters so that no shelter would be overwhelmed. He said the county does not have any “no-kill” municipal shelters for several reasons, including the large size of San Bernardino County and the fact that “no-kill” shelters are often overrun.
The shelters are not allowed to euthanize the animals until after Saturday to allow people time to adopt them, said Cronin. Cronin said each shelter has its own policy for euthanizing animals, but the animals are more likely to be euthanized if they display aggressive behavior or have medical problems.
Cronin said one dog was euthanized after the animals were seized, but did not know if any of the shelters have had to euthanize more animals or how many dogs were thought to have medical or temperament problems.
Jeanette Hayhurst, executive director for the Barstow Humane Society, said none of the 18 Stovall dogs at the shelter have been euthanized so far. Her goal is not to euthanize any of the dogs, but some have shown some aggressive behavior or other temperament problems and may not be adoptable.
“Most of these dogs are just scared and unsocialized,” said Hayhurst, who said that some of the dogs may turn around if someone has the time and resources to work with them.
Hayhurst said that she has already had one rescue group contact her about the dogs and is also seeking local residents to come adopt shelter animals. Even if people don’t adopt a dog that was taken from the Stovall property, she said any animal adopted from the shelter leaves more room for others.
The Barstow Humane Society on Thursday morning had 104 dogs and 30 cats at the shelter — with many available for adoption immediately.
Stovall family members could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laid-back animals

  It’s jot just humans who form strong social bonds, many animals do the same and some even bond for life. When animals need each other, they are so cute!
Bald eagles

Bald eagles Lovely Animal Couples
  Bald eagles are known for remaining faithful and mating for life. Moreover, bald eagle couples are also known for their aerial acrobatic stunts together, which include locking their talons together and spiraling downward, only to release at the last minute.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lovely cat and dog

  I am right here, waiting for you! Photo by Cat Connection.
Cat Connection is a non-profit 501(c) cat and dog rescue organization that has been providing animal rescue services to the Southern California area for over ten years. Cat Connection's adoptable animals are available for viewing and adoptions seven days a week at the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital, a 24-hour clinic and emergency facility.
Jetta is a 6-month-old handsome, long-haired Tabby. He is sweet, incredibly affectionate and extremely playful. Jetta is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. He is ready to go to a forever home today.

  Lucy is a lover! Photo by Cat Connection.Though most of Cat Connection's rescues are feline, they do rescue rabbits and dogs, like Lucy. Lucy is an adorable 6 year old Lhasa Apso. She is very sweet and loves cats, dogs and people. She is house-trained and looking for a new family to give her the loving home she deserves.
Lucy was dumped in front of the animal hospital, abandoned at the front door in a box. This is not an unusual story for animal welfare organizations, pet hospitals, and pet stores. Maybe the pet was unwanted or even worse, loved, but their human companion could no longer afford to care for them. Luckily Lucy was left in a place where she was saved. Not all abandoned pets are so lucky.
If you or someone you know has come to the difficult decision to relinquish a pet, please be aware, animal abandonment is a crime in California. Anyone who abandons an animal is subject to a $500 fine and/or up to six months in jail (California Penal Code Sec. 597S). Instead of committing a crime, try to re-home your pet, search the internet for rescue groups or breed specific rescues, or relinquish your pet at the local animal shelter, SPCA, or humane society.
For those with the mindset that a relinquished pet won't survive in a shelter, consider this: potential adopters go to animal shelters LOOKING for pets to adopt. There are HUNDREDS of animal rescue groups all over Southern California pulling pets from animal shelters to re-home.
Please give unwanted pets a fighting chance at a forever home rather than abandoning them to fend for themselves.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lovely animal rings are loved by girls

  Lovely animal rings are loved by women. They are covered with a colorfully eye-catching gems and diamonds. This series of jewelry adds more charmingly naive or dreamlike animals on the basis of cats, wolves and some other animals which are used before, such as rats, polar bears, giraffes, parrots, koalas, hippocampus, frogs, hippos and clown fish and so on.

  Lovely animals seem always easy to touch the softest place of women’ inner heart, and their lovely or charmmingly naive appearance can easily win women’s love. Top jewelry designers combine the animal models with the jewelry craft perfectly. When lovely animals are covered with a colorfully eye-catching gems and diamonds, how can people resist them?
The platinum frog My Rings is decorated with emeralds, black and white diamonds, which is holding a crown with cutting diamond and gold diamonds. This is an elegant work with a fairy tale character, which looks like a frog with a diamond crown ready to jump. The designer and the jeweler create a pair of shiny eyes for the frog though superb technology.

  De Grisogono monkey shaped ring is rose gold and gold ring with 317 black diamonds weighing 10.19 carats, and seven white diamond weighing 0.18 carats.
De Grisogono Winnie shaped ring is gold ring with 305 brown diamonds weighing 9.97 carats and 2 pink sapphires weighing 0.39 carat.
Chopard 150 anniversary series: polar bear diamond ring
Pig shaped ring is rose gold and black plated gold ring with 2 white diamonds weighing 0.22 carats and 367 pink sapphires weighing 10.95 carats.
Switzerland’s famous jewelry brand Chopard celebrates its 150 birthday, especially showcasing the jewelry series “Animal World” featuring 150 pieces of animal themed jewelry. This series of jewelry adds more charmingly naive or dreamlike animals on the basis of cats, wolves and some other animals which are used before, such as rats, polar bears, giraffes, parrots, koalas, hippocampus, frogs, hippos and clown fish and so on.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ten years of change


  What a mile marker to reach in life! Ten whole days old. Yes, our kittens are growing up, and a couple of them are blinking a little bit, so they’re probably going to open their eyes soon. What adventures they will have! In the meantime, we try to prevent any early “adventures”, by keeping the little girls from causing them accidental harm. Oh, and before you call me out on my bad addition, the previous write-up’s pictures were taken when the kittens were four days old. So, I really do know how to count to ten.
As of today, the older girls and the grownups have all held the kittens, numerous times, but the little girls, only once. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the two of them repeat back to me what the rules are concerning the kittens. One that I’ve been drilling them on, especially, is that they aren’t allowed in their parents’ room without a grownup or a big sister. So, sure enough, last night, when their dad was in there, doing something else, one of the girls went in, and made a beeline for the cupboard.
Now, I had told them, also, that they could ONLY touch or hold the kittens if there was a grownup there, but somehow, this was misinterpreted, and Mrs. B found Emmie (5) “showing” Sadie (3) how to hold the kittens. Another talk followed. Being a year or two older than your sister does not a grownup make.
Today, the older girls were asked to let the kittens have a breather, as they’d been picking them up quite a bit, as well as their visiting friends, and taking them up on the bed. In the process of explaining something to their mom about it, I heard my name, and promptly went to hear what I’d been accused of. Apparently, I told them the kittens needed to be cuddled. Yesterday, while I was holding a kitten, I held her close against me, so she would feel warm and protected, not like she was hanging in open air. I explained to the kids that all babies like to be held close, and that’s probably why mine had stopped squeaking. Because they were all used to being “squashed”, before they were born, and they were still comfortable with that.
After explaining what I’d said, again, I pointed out that the kittens got plenty of cuddle and snuggle time with their pile of siblings, as well as with their mom. If they aren’t snuggling up against their mother, when they’re eating, I sure don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe Dusty doesn’t feel very snuggly, while having five babies feeding, but they definitely all feel safe and protected, when she’s there.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The lives of elephants


Elephant family, Tuli Block, Botswana
Caption: Elephant family group banding close together in defensive formation, Tuli Block, Botswana. © Scotch Macaskill.
Camera: Picture taken with a Canon EOS film camera and Canon EOS 80-200mm F2.8 lens.
Location: The Tuli Block is situated in the eastern corner of Botswana, bordering Zimbabwe to the north and South Africa to the south.
Although not as well-known as Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, the remote Tuli area comprises a diverse wilderness of savannah, riverine forests, marshland, open plains and rocky outrops.
There is abundant wildlife and the area is known for its large herds of elephtants, while more than 350 species of birds have been recorded in the Tuli region.
Permitted Uses: This photograph is copyright-protected and may only be downloaded for personal, educational and other strictly non-commercial use. If you're needing wildlife pictures for commercial purposes, see our Stock Photos section, our Virtual CDs, or our Wildlife Photo Packs for a variety of stock image options. We also offer a number of wildlife and nature pictures at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They also want to have a home

  Recent years, the problem of stray animals has been emphasized among animal lovers groups and local citizens. Is this problem really as serious as those people think?
There are many people arguing about the cause of stray animals. Also, stray animals are always the best topic for some newspaper and magazines. However, few of them can pinpoint out the real causes of problem. They usually leave the responsibility to the wrong persons or wrong organizations, and only know boasting the fearful figures. It is useless to solving the problem.
Stray animals are almost dogs and cats. Are they all abandoned? Absolutely not!
Strictly to say, people here are greatly influenced by the culture of Chinese. In the past, adopting a cat or a dog is not a hobby, most cats and dogs are said to be working slaves. They need to beg for food from human beings. So, few cats or dogs can live completely close to man. They live in a mode of semi-stray, which means they can roam freely outside and eat at the dedicated sites. There is a large number group of semi-stray animals. So, we must admit that there are innate stray cats and dogs and understand most of the cats and dogs roaming on the streets are living in this mode or fundamental stray. What we need to notice from the above paragraph is that the deeply rooted culture of Chinese is always induction of stray animal problem. Some old styled people do not think dogs and cats should be a companion pets which can live very close to human beings. They may also think dogs and cats should not be kept inside the house. Therefore it caused the huge amount of stray animals every time when people moved homes.