Monday, August 6, 2012

The Facts About The Sea Turtles You May Not Know

Sea and ocean water covers three fourth part of the earth. This wide region has created and hidden in it a different world, which is interesting to know. Under the blue water, you will find beautiful and weird mammals and fishes. One such amazing species of the water are the sea turtles. They are quite different from the turtles found in the ponds or lakes. Turtles are found all over the world except the artic. These amazing crawling creatures have caught the attention of man, from centuries. Scientist use turtles to know a bit more about our past as these Sea Animals have a long life span, which can last up to two hundred years..
Here are some facts about sea turtles:
If you find any sea turtle crying, then think twice because it is not crying actually but draining away the salt, which it took in while in seawater.
A turtle can stay alive even without any food for a year.
Some females lay their eggs four years after mating.
You will find male sea turtles on land only when they hatch out; otherwise, they never come to the earth's surface.
After knowing some astonishing facts about turtles, you might be inquisitive to know about what this amazing creature eats. Sea turtles' diet depends on the type of species and its habitat. You can know the diet of species by examining its law structure. You might be amazed to know that these cute sea turtles are carnivores; some of them eat meat while some prefer to stay as a vegetarian for life long. While some eat both meat and algae. Green and black sea turtles eat algae and other small plants under water, but when they are caught and are kept in captivity they may be fed with meat.
Sea turtles also migrate from one sea to another using the geomagnetic field. Sea turtles are interesting creatures on this planet and man till now is using them to reveal many facts about evolution.