Monday, February 9, 2015

Lions - Known For Breeding With Tigers and Leopards

Lions are known for breeding with tigers and leopards. This is why their cousins include jaguars, panthers, tigers and leopards. They can trace their ages back to many old roots and today modern species can be found in many parts of Africa. Some are found in zoos in India or China as well. Captive lions in cooler climates of Europe and North America sport heavier manes whereas the lions of bushy Tsavo region in Kenya are maneless. Lions have the largest skull amongst all cats, with strong jaws and canines designed to suit their carnivorous lifestyle.

Believe it or not, this seemingly indestructible creature, whose demeanor exudes such strength and character, is dwindling in numbers so rapidly that at the current rate of decline, the lion may very well become just another statistic in the story of evolution. You see, there has been a clash of difference between lions and the progress of African farming. To put it bluntly, one of them has to go. Unfortunately for fauna enthusiasts, it's the lion.

For some countries in central and even western Africa, it's almost too little too late as lion numbers have almost completely diminished. There are many difficulties in managing african lion re-population. Breeding programs are fine but the problem is in re-locating animals into new environments among established prides. More often than not, they are not accepted by the existing pride. They team together to protect themselves against vultures, wildebeests, hyenas and more. Female lions mostly do the hunting, killing and stalking. When it comes to protecting the pride, the male lion leads the crowd. Lions can live for around 20 years and will enjoy living in the wild.

Therefore, like elephants, the skins and teeth of lions are also in high demand for buyers. To fight against such illegal practices, government and wildlife protection agencies are working hard to control the issue. Though lions are not endangered, they are scarce in population. Though they look easy to tame, they can be furious if threatened. Lions are specifically meat eaters but in many cases they are also noticed trying vegetables. Some of the large animals that they like to eat include zebras and hyenas.